Welcome to DRRawson.com

This site reflects the need to answer the many questions received over the years about DR’s background and knowledge. As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Rawson favors transparency and so this site reflects this effort.

Financial rewards always come with results. As a matter of principle, he believes that “There’s no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.” This philosophy, principles and values have allowed him to help others while creating business for everyone.

Mr. Rawson always closes his communication by asking you (the reader) the following question: “How can I be helpful?”

Focus – Saving Lives

Help Fight Cancer - Click for FREECancer has hit nearly every family, globally. What can be done? Great question. Let's start with those who don't have the money to even find out if they are at risk until it's nearly too late.

In our family we've lost our Mother to cancer when she was just 44 years old. Our Sister died last year at age 59. She fought for over 5 years. We have lost so many friends over the years to this disease. At this very moment, a friend of ours is battling cancer. She found out two months ago that she has it. She will not reach Thanksgiving. The pain that her husband and children are going through is difficult to watch. We can help someone everyday with just one click.

There is a place on the web where you can click and help someone get a FREE mammogram. Notice FREE. Many among us need to be screened. Help someone. Please click here to help.

On behalf of those who've suffered so much, thank you for your time and consideration!