Have you ever looked at something or someone and said, “That doesn’t look right?” Everyday, we find ourselves in situations where we don’t buy because “something” just isn’t right. That something is often times the lack of congruency.

Not everyone seems to get this concept. Why? Basically, we all feel that whatever we’re offering is the right thing to sell or distribute or however you view your role or function within the economy. It really takes a review by someone else to recognize that something is a miss.

Here are some things to consider. A laundry list of situations where one might say, “What?”

A dry cleaner advertising their very best work when no machines to do the work are evident.
A person telling you how fashionable those new shoes look when their own shoes are not shined, how run over heels are were so last decade.
A really overweight person saying that the food at their restaurant is very healthy for you.
A mobile wash van that rolls up in a van that looked as though it was last washed when Clinton was in office.
A Senator from _____ that says reform is needed to curb spending and takes money from special interest groups.
A salesman selling the new “stronger” galvanized trash can. When a sudden breeze crosses the room where the can is standing, it falls over and crushes under its on weight.

The list of instances can go on and on. These are, as always . . .

Just a thought . . .

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