Meet the love of my life, Margaret.

Margaret RawsonI’d like you all to meet my wife, Margaret.  Today is our 15th wedding anniversary.  Her parents have been married for 60 years.  Compared to them, we’ve only just begun.  When we were married when I was 48 and let’s just say that my young bride was indeed younger than me.

Now that I’m 63, I look back at all of those years before meeting the woman of my dream (when I was only 5) and the woman that is truly a soul mate to me now.

Up and until the age of 48 a great many things had happened in my life.  Many would describe these as “some good, some bad.”  For me, they were all good for this very singular reason.  I met and married the woman of my dream 43 years earlier.  I literally knew her before she was born.

Allow me to take you back in time to when I was only 5 years old.  We lived on a small 1 acre farm and every morning I fed more than 2,000 ducks, a lot of turkeys and some chickens before going off to kindergarten every week day.  My “girlfriend” lived next door and like me she also had hair very much like mine, almost white.  One night I had a dream of me as a man and I met this redheaded woman.  She was so beautiful.  Her looks were stunning and the memory of her never left my mind.  Up and until that dream, I had never seen a redhead before.  Every girl and woman I met was measured against the beauty and the smile of that beautiful redhead.

My wife and I met as a direct result of a blind date.  I didn’t want to go on the date (I’m ooh so glad he talked me into it)  and well, I’ve never asked her how she felt.   I just know she was there.  I was meeting my friend at this restaurant where I had arrived early.  I didn’t see my friend and his wife, but I did spot this terrific looking redhead.  Thinking back to my dream as a boy I thought, “It would be so great to have the opportunity to date a woman that looks like her she looks like the girl of my dream.”  After staring (at least I think I did) for a few minutes, there was a tap on the shoulder and I knew my friend had arrived.  We shook hands and he invited me over to his table.  To my surprise and very nervous response, we started walking toward the redhead.  I remember thinking, I couldn’t get this lucky.  We’ll turn and I’ll meet the person he brought.  The woman she was sitting with was Asian, my friend was not.  I’m sure we’ll head off in another direction.  Still, we kept walking right for the table where this lovely redhead was sitting.

Now, she was looking at me and I was glancing over at my friend and then back at the table.  Suddenly, we were standing at her table and he said, “DR, I’d like to present Margaret . . . (I know he said more but by the time he said her name, all I could see was the girl I dreamed of so many years earlier.   The date was August 26, 1994.  The day my life was forever changed in the best and most positive ways.  I couldn’t have imagined if I tried, all the the ways in which this woman would capture and keep my heart.

DR and Margaret, '08Margaret is not only the love of my life, she IS my best friend, my wife and certainly my partner in all that we’re doing and still plan to do in life.  She’s smart with a dry sense of humor, patient (even when it’s against her redheaded nature) and fun.  She’s a huge Christmas and Disney fan.

She’s now the Mother to our six children.  Imagine taking on that responsibility!  We also have 10 grandchildren and she’s a wonderful grandmother and Nana.  As a Controller in her professional life, she has demonstrated that she is brilliant, understanding and cleaver.  She’s intuitive about things that many of us never give a second thought.  She sees beyond the moment.

So, on this our 15th anniversary, I just wanted to share with those of you who read my occasional thoughts on many subjects, my beautiful wife.  I’m so proud and honored that said yes.  I’m so proud that she picked me.

Happy Anniversary Toots!  I love you more each and everyday.  You’re the best and you are absolutely, “The Love of my life.” I love you.  DR


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    Happy Belated Anniversary Mom & Dad. I love how you presented this story. What I get a kick out of is being the only kid visiting when your friend called and talked to you about this blind date. But most of all, I love that you brought Mom into our lives, I love how she has changed mine, and I love that I get to call you both my parents. I couldn’t be any more lucky to have two wonderful people on my side.

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