Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

You’ve often spoken of leadership.  It’s critical to be considered a leader.  You’ve spoken of being an example, again it’s key to being a leader.  You’ve talked to our nations’ youth about being an example, again we look to our leaders to lead and to be an example.

Today, I received this picture of you in an email.  The message was clear, you have a lack of respect for the position you hold and for the people you’ve been elected to lead.  Mr. President, We The People own that desk that you’ve so casually placed your feet upon.  If you were in school, your teacher would tell you to get your feet of the desk.  If you were in someone else’s home, they would tell you the same.  You Sir, are elected and privileged.

If you truly want us to know that you can lead, then set the example for us all.  YOU must remember that it’s the little things that stick in people’s mind.  Things like respect for the office you hold and the people you serve. Show US some respect by respecting that which we’ve fought for and purchased.  When you disrespect people’s property, you disrespect the people that own that property.

Please Mr. President, keep your feet off of our desk.  You’re in our home.  Treat it with respect.

On behalf of all the Americans that have helped to pay for that desk, the home you live in and one of our Nation’s greatest symbols we simply ask for the respect we deserve.

DR Rawson, Citizen, Taxpayer and Veteran


  1. DR Rawson says

    First, thank you for commenting. I’m appreciative that you and Catherine both took the time to provide some feedback.

    If I had seen their picture, I would have commented on that as well by showing all three doing the same thing.

    The act of putting your feet on the desk is something most employers (and we are his and their employer, is something that most employers frown upon. It’s all about respect which is an even larger issue.

    Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Karen Fesler says

    If you check SNOPES you will find a picture of W with his feet on the desk and a picture of Ford with his feet on the desk. Any comments about them, or letter to W?

  3. Catherine says

    We could easily get 5,000,000 signatures on this letter, and send it to Pennsylvania Ave.

    Of course send it to the liberal media who would no doubtably print it on the front page (laugh ~ it’s a joke!)

    When the president doesn’t respect the citizens rights and freedoms, how can we expect him to respect our property? We can’t!!!

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