Traditional Barber

MikeEvery so often I need a haircut (actually all of them (that is the few I have left).  The man for the job is “Mike.”  I’m well aware that by blogging about this fantastic experience may make my wait for him a bit longer but he deserves your attention.

My first business (besides two paper routes) was as a shoeshine boy inside my local (La Mirada, CA) barbershop.  I went there every Friday night and Saturday.  In exchange for sweeping all the hair up, they let me shine shoes for $.25 cents a pair.  I usually received a 5 or 10 cent tip.

It was here (and later another barbershop in San Diego, CA) that I learned the difference between a barber and a really great barber.  Mike falls into the latter category.  Why?

First, Mike will ask you what you want and not try to make the decision for you.  Next, he asks about me rather than me having to start a conversation or listening to everything about him.  However, I wanted to learn more about him.  I’ll give you the 411 I have in a bit.  Finally, when the experience is almost done, Mike does something that you rarely (if ever) see anymore.  Mike lathers up the back of your neck and shaves you there to insure you have a crisp clean haircut and leave with a great feeling.  He’s an expert at this and especially the “art” of barbering.

Who is he?  Well, he’s not really from around here.  He moved down here from near the Sacramento, CA area.  In addition to “real” barbering (a tradition in his family) he’s also a musician.  He plays a number of instruments and is a big fan of all types of music including opera.  Confused yet?

As a young man starting out in business a lesson I learned was NEVER judge a book by its cover . . . ever.  Never judge someone by the way they look (today).  Does Mike look like nearly everyone from my generation?  NO.  Mike is . . . well . . . Mike.

If you’re in need of the best haircut at a very reasonable haircut, give Good Fellas Barber Shop a try.  Pope (a wonderful barber herself) and others are barbers you’ll appreciate and like.  You’ll come back, again and again.

If you see Mike, tell him “DR says, HELLO.”


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