Rules that work . . . for life!

Rules that work


Life is full of rules.  They don’t all work for each of us but many of them work for all of us.  I recently came across this hanging on the wall of The Ability Center near my home.  It struck the cord of familiarity that resonated with me.  Perhaps it will with you.  Ask yourself this one question:  “If we all lived like this, would it be a better world?”

You’ll have to answer that question on your own but I think we all know the answer.

Earlier last week, Carol Jones Lev Friedman  gave me a gratitude challenge.  I want to thank her [again] for making me think so deeply about my life and those I love and care about. Tomorrow is my birthday and that has me thinking about what I’ve done with the past 68 years (both good and bad) of my life.  I can only hope that I’ve done more good for humanity and the people I love than bad.

As a Mason, I’d like to think that principles and values govern my life.  What’s written above are values that (in my view) we should all live by.

Perhaps this graphic will be of benefit to you.

Here’s a shout out to my wife, family, friends, business associates and the many people over the years that I’ve had the good fortune to meet.  Each and everyone of you have impacted my life in a very positive way.  I’m confident that I’m a better person today because of each of you.


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