My Hero

What is a hero to you? What are their qualities and why does that mean something to you?

Here’s the face of my hero! She is my beautiful wife of 20 years, Margaret Rawson.

 My Hero 

 My Hero . . . Margaret Rawson

On the 8th of October she will have been on the same job as a Controller for a Cadillac Dealership that is now three dealerships with GMC and Buick. Her work is demanding and exacting. In General Motors tests for her position, she consistently ranks in the top 10 in the nation of all Controllers working for a GM dealership!

 When we met 20+ years ago I told her that I had consulting clients that I hadn’t work for; for 15 minutes let alone 15 years. Wow. She is so impressive.

In addition GM will confirm that she’s mastered many of the other disciplines and skills of operating an automobile dealership. She understands how a dealership can be run and should be run to achieve the highest score for customer satisfaction and just as importantly, retain good people to work with customers. She understands exactly what drives the dealership’s bottom line and how to get there.

As a boy, I saw Margaret in my dreams (it’s another story in this blog) and when we finally met twenty years ago, I knew her in an instant. Bonus, she’s prettier and much smarter than I could have ever hoped for. She’s the package.

People love Margaret. She has a way of dealing with people that they enjoy.

If you ever get the chance to meet, work with her or enjoy a meal with us, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

She is . . . my HERO!

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