Change – Will it work for you?

When should you make a change?  Should it be at age 30, 40, 50 or late in your 60s perhaps even older?

There are so many people that need to make a change in their life.  Are you one of them?  Today, I’m featuring the well known author and speaker, Robert Kyosaki.

Years ago I taught marketing at the college level.  I was also fortunate enough to speak to students in high schools, colleges and universities on that very subject.  Why marketing?  If you’re going to work for someone else, then sales and marketing (in many cases) will give you a salary and commission.  This is an opportunity to tie your financial position directly to your efforts.  However, you’re still working for others.  If you’re an independent salesperson representing a company in the marketplace, then your commission only income is tied to your personal efforts.

Back then (when I was teaching in college), sales was a given.  Everyone understood, no sales, no income.  Marketing was new (I know, I just dated myself) and people were wondering what’s the difference.  Sales is where the rubber meets the road.  The salesperson speaks directly with the decision maker.   Marketing has more to do with the analytics of the marketplace so that the salespeople that work for them can more easily identify and target their prospects.

At that time, I taught that Network  (a.k.a Multi-level or MLN) Marketing was the best way to go.  Back then, the biggest and most well known company was Amway.  Today, people that built their Amway business many years ago are still receiving the benefits.  While their efforts have long since diminished, the income has steadily increased because of the people they brought into their business.

Everyone talks about the money that artists like Garth Brooks, Maroon 5 or even Michael Jackson make.  They create and sing one song and it generates income every time someone buys it.  Actors and actresses make money every time their image or voice is seen or heard. There are other examples of a recurring revenue (a.k.a. residual) stream.   What’s so special about those people vs. you?  You may not sing, but you know people.  You may not act but you know people.  You may not write but you know people.  People just like you.

Network Marketing is built on two very solid principles.  First, by duplicating what you do through others, you’ll make money.  However, first and foremost, the product or service they offer is unencumbered by heavy marketing and advertising costs inherent in most products or services.  If you look at cellular phone service, how much do the competing companies advertise to get new customers?  Don’t we already know who these people are?  Of course we do but they’re not going to leave it to chance.  They want to spend time in front of you as you watch or read.  They want you to remember them.  Who pays for that?  WE do.  Network marketing products are sold one-on-one.  Every time one person is sold, you make money. Every time they use the product you  also make money. Sell two or three or even four and you make even more.  If they agree to join your business and sell with (not for) you, then each of you make more money.  That’s where the power of duplication comes into play.

If you don’t like where you are, if you’re not happy with where your life is going, then perhaps (at whatever your age) you need to consider a change.


Never let the past hold the future ransom.

There’s no limit to the success you can achieve when you don’t care who gets the credit.

There’s no better time to change, than right now!

If there’s anything I’ve said or something in the video that piques your interest, give me a call or contact me via email.  As The Possibilist I may just have the information you need to change your life!

Don’t wait, do it now!

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