HH Rawson – My Grandfather would be 114 years old today.

HH Rawson

Today, would have been my Grandfather Rawson’s 114 birthday.  He died in 1989 at the age of 87.

There are always people in your life for whom you have the utmost respect.  My Grandfather was that man.  My Father died at the age of 42 when I was just 18 years old.  My Grandfather tried to fill that void even though we were many, many miles apart.  He was always there for me.  His advice was always on point because he never gave me the solution to any problem I had.  Instead, he gave me the principle and subsequent value.

My Great Grandfather was EJ, my Grandfather was HH and my Dad was EJ.  Perhaps you can spot a trend.

I didn’t find out that the principles he used came from what he learned as a Mason until the last few days of his life.  He asked me to become a Mason with his last few breaths of life.  I could not refuse him.  I am a 32 degree Mason as he was.  Today, I try to give family and friends alike the kind of advice my Grandfather gave me.  Here’s the principle and this is its value to you.

I miss this great, gentle and quiet man.  He was a true inspiration to me.

All of you who have Grandfathers (still living), do not overlook the wisdom they’ve gained over the years.  It may be their greatest legacy.

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