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Matthew Shiel

American Citizen on 2-12-16

It’s my pleasure and my honor to introduce Matthew Shiel, who’s just received his citizenship today!  On behalf of all my family and friends, WELCOME!

I’ve only recently come to know him.  Frankly, I wish we could get more new citizens like Matt.

Let me tell you what I know so far:

Matt was born in England where he went to private school.  His Father is ex-military.  He came to America via Canada where he stopped to get his college education.  He then came to America seeking the “American dream”.

It’s always been fascinating to me that when people come to America, they see opportunity everywhere.  Matt is not an exception.  He arrived with very little.  He’s since owned or partnered in a few successful businesses and employed lots of people.  He is by definition, an entrepreneurs, ENTREPRENEUR.

He’s married to his wife Carla and has had three children. Today, they have two handsome boys. Here’s the story about how they lost their precious daughter, Zora. Life helps to define who we are and allows us to develop our character.  How do parents ever come back from the loss of a child.  We all lose our parents at some point in our life.  We lose friends and even distant relatives.  But children . . .

My wife and I have six children, thirteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  I can’t begin to imagine the hole that would be left if we lost even one.  We’ve had two children, a boy and a girl serve in the military.  Our son Doug finally retired from the Army after serving our country in all the places where war was and still is present.  It was always a worry.  Would he make it back alive.  Fortunately, he did.

Matt and Carla lost Zora because of something we don’t usually think about.  The reason is because it doesn’t happen to everyone.  Zora was beautiful and absolutely O.K. when her parents put her to bed.  She had received her MANDATORY immunization shots.  The next morning she was gone.  It’s hard to even think about this loss and not get emotional.

Matt and his wife have vowed that in Zora’s name, they will push to get immunization shots taken off the list of MANDATORY.  They have already done that in California.  Why not Nevada?  What do you think?  It’s ok to use this blog as a forum for this discussion.

In California I was good friends with a man named Dr. Mass.  He absolutely would not allow his children to be immunized when they were babies.  He was prepared for the consequences of the decision he and wife made.  There was some fallout and criticism but to this day, he and his wife Martha believe they made the absolute right decision.

Every once in awhile you meet someone so very memorable.  It’s my hope that one day you’ll get the chance to meet Matt.  He’s a terrific guy.

What do you think?

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