Memorial Day 2016


Memorial Day 2016

Everyday, someone dies in defense of my (our) freedom.  Having traveled the world; I know first hand that America is the greatest country.  There are some other countries that I love visiting, too many in fact.  The real question is:  Would you want to live anyplace but America.  My answer is a resounding NO.

As an American Vet I think about the men and women who serve all the time.  Recently, I’ve expanded my thinking to include law enforcement and security agencies.

When we go to work for someone; no where in the employment agreement does it say, “you’ll die for this company.”  When men and women sign up for the military and our law enforcement agencies, it’s implied that they’re willing to die for us.  You and me.

Just knowing that there are people out there that protect us and our way of life is not only comforting, it also hurts.  This Memorial Day I’m going to especially remember these brave men and women.

What do you think?

This picture was taken at the Veterans’ Memorial Cemetary in Boulder, NV.  The “image” was created by a friend of mine.  It’s always inspired me.  I hope that it will inspire you as well.


  1. Harry Shade says

    I absolutely agree with you DR. Remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for country or community and their families is crucial. They deserve our acknowledgment and respect.

    Memorial Day is a wonderful way to do so. So, I hope all of us will take time that day for discussion and silent reflection on what it means to make the “ultimate sacrifice”!

    And to those who served, thank you! And those who are serving now, thank you as well and may you be safe and sound, in the defense of our nation and the support of our communities!

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