What is a Possibilist?


What is a Possibilist?

Oh, so many things.  We begin just as others say they’ve “hit a wall.”  We don’t see anything else that can be done about . . . .   now we can begin.

Some people say, you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Stated clearer is that when you wonder into the forrest your light of sight goes from tree to tree (problem to problem).  Few people backup and just look at ALL the trees.

The term possibilist for me was not something I was even looking for.  No, it found me.  As I was consulting back in the ‘90s the company had hit the wall.  I was fortunate enough to come in and supply the answer.  It took me one day and several possibilities emerged.  As I explained their options (from my perspective) someone around the conference table said, “You’re a real Possibilist.”

Every since that day, I’ve noticed that I don’t quit, I don’t just give up.  There is always another way.

How about you?  Do you see the possibilities as endless or limited?

What are your thoughts?

“The moment you realize that everyone is saying, “we can’t go any further, it is the time for the possibilist in all of us to come forward.”

DR Rawson

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