Looking for work


Some say travel is the answer.  I was fortunate enough to literally travel the whole world several times. Some have said, “listen, you just need to stay busy.”

Playing chess is busy.  Writing blog posts is busy.  The real question is what busy do I want.  Frankly, I never expected to live this long.  I’m so much like my Father (who died at age 42) that I literally thought I’d be dead at 42. I was a man on a mission. At age 44 it dawned on me, I’m not going to die! O.K., I didn’t really plan that far ahead.  What did I want to do? Where did I want to live? Where did I see my self in 5, 10 or maybe even 15 years?

A funny thing happened, I passed all those benchmarks and then some.  I still don’t golf or play tennis. I am a Mason, a Knight Commander in the Court of Honor in the Scottish Rite and I’m a Shriner. I’m also privileged to be the President of the Las Vegas Region of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club. Margaret (my wife) is the Secretary and we both serve on the Board of Directors. Car people are great.  But, I digress. I’m busy but I’m not as busy as I was before when I was fully engaged, participating, being of help to others and more.  That’s what I want.

Speaking of what I want, that’s how we arrived at this blog.  My wife said, “if all your activities and the charity work you do isn’t enough, go find a job.”  

I have lots of friends that are retired. I see that many of them are also bored.  How about you?

If you’re wondering, the background of that picture is in Ronald Reagan’s oval office.


Cadillacs under The Stars


This video announces Cadillacs under The Stars and our renewed commitment to Findlay Cadillac by awarding them with a plaque that proclaims their support over the past 12 years.  Accepting for Findlay is John Saksa the General Manager for Findlay Cadillac.

It is an honor to serve as the President / Director of the Las Vegas Cadillac & LaSalle Club.  This year we will be doing two major shows.  In April we put on Cadillac Through The Years. Next April 29th we’ll put on the 13th annual version of this show.

On September 23 from 5 pm to 10 PM we’ll have our second show.  It will be the first annual Cadillacs under The Stars. This show will be at the beautiful Village Square Shopping Center at W. Sahara and Ft. Apache.  It’s another Cadillac only show but this time, we’re inviting Cadillac owners from Henderson and Las Vegas to show us their ride and tell us their story.  It’s is FREE to register and every car must be registered.  It’s also FREE to watch this very kid friendly event. Everyone is invited.

All proceeds will go to Toys4Smiles celebrating 10 years of giving away FREE wooden toys to kids in hospitals, fire department and the police department. This month will see them produce their 300,000 toy. CONGRATULATIONS!


What is a Possibilist?


What is a Possibilist?

Oh, so many things.  We begin just as others say they’ve “hit a wall.”  We don’t see anything else that can be done about . . . .   now we can begin.

Some people say, you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Stated clearer is that when you wonder into the forrest your light of sight goes from tree to tree (problem to problem).  Few people backup and just look at ALL the trees.

The term possibilist for me was not something I was even looking for.  No, it found me.  As I was consulting back in the ‘90s the company had hit the wall.  I was fortunate enough to come in and supply the answer.  It took me one day and several possibilities emerged.  As I explained their options (from my perspective) someone around the conference table said, “You’re a real Possibilist.”

Every since that day, I’ve noticed that I don’t quit, I don’t just give up.  There is always another way.

How about you?  Do you see the possibilities as endless or limited?

What are your thoughts?

“The moment you realize that everyone is saying, “we can’t go any further, it is the time for the possibilist in all of us to come forward.”

DR Rawson

I am an American

As many of us know, our actions speak much louder than words.  Wisdom passed from one generation to another. However when it comes to being an American, we should also remember what President Ronald said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Being an American means so many things.  It’s conceivable that two people will do more than communicate some idea of Americanism.

G-d has blessed me for sure.  I’ve had the privilege of literally traveling much of the world we all enjoy.  It was truly an honor to represent my country (in addition to myself and my company).

I’m still reflecting on the activities of our 4th of July.  There was so much I wanted to say but decided it wasn’t the day or time to do so.  However, I will.

Are you glad to be an American?

What do you think?



Oh boy, am I ever embarrassed.

Everyday, we all do something that embarrasses us.  Typically, it’s unintended.  However . . .

Speaking with a friend named Veronica, I learned of an experience where she wanted to buy a new Cadillac back in the ’90s.  She went and looked at the new model (then) the SRX.  She was in love.

The salesman approached her and she declared, “I would like to buy one of these.” The salesman said, “Well, let’s see, what kind of work do you do?” She replied, “I’m a nurse.”

With complete dismissal (as though she wasn’t good enough or make enough money to even qualify to purchase a CADILLAC he told her she wouldn’t and that she should move on.

She shared with me the amount of money (cash) that she intended to put down on the car. I can share with you that it was more than enough to qualify her to purchase the car.  She was embarrassed and hurt by the treatment of her by the salesman. Shame on him.

Shame on us if we ever make someone feel less.  Ever.

When I was a child, my Father told me, as long as your shoes are clean, your clothes are clean as well as  your hands and nails, you’re as good as anyone else in the world regardless of where they live or how much money they have.

A few years later, I found myself homeless as a child of eleven and looking for work to support my Mother, brother and two sisters. Everyone treated me with respect and to a person they all felt bad that they didn’t have any work to offer me.  That was true for all except the one that finally did hire me. That’s a story for another time.

How we make other’s feel should be a measure of who we are.  What are your thoughts?

Garth Brooks says it well; “Love one another.”