The Secret

Recently Oprah had the author of “The Secret” on with those who’re teaching “The Secret” to anyone that will listen. Those last two words are truly the subject of my blog today.

Every heard the expression that “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink?” Well, when it comes to teaching or learning something, anything the student has to be prepared to hear the message. [Read more…]

It’s about time . . .

This is a story that was received by Bob Gallo** in his email. He shared it with friends he felt would benefit from this. I share it with you in that same unselfish spirt.

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We forget sometimes because we get caught up in our busy world.

A young man learns what’s most important in life from the guy next door.

It had been some time since Jack had seen the old man. College, girls, career, and life itself got in the way. In fact, Jack moved clear across the country in pursuit of his dreams. There, in the rush of his busy life, Jack had little time to think about the past and often no time to spend with his wife and son. He was working on his future, and nothing could stop him.

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Opportunity defined

Too often we find that an opportunity is not an opportunity. Unfortunately, we find it out much too late. Late as in we’ve already counted on it as a “sure sale,” or we’ve spent money on trips, expenses in general or valuable time that can’t be recovered. The purpose is this article is to explore the great “Why?”

A good part of our answer has to do with human nature. Most of us want to believe in people. This leads to “glossing over” many of the points of any discussion as opposed to asking the hard questions. We fail to do the necessary due diligence by asking for proof. We don’t because we’re either afraid to hear the answer, don’t want that answer or afraid of offending the person with whom your attempting to conduct business.

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Time to change

Have you ever had a day when everything screams in your head? Today, was such a day. All of the ideas in my head were all screaming for attention. I had just finished reading FORTUNE magazine when what was screaming in my heard became crystal clear.

The clarity I achieved is this, what motivates me is helping us achieve a positive outcome in their lives. Mentally, I literally feed of the emotions of helping other change in ways that will affect the rest of their lives.

In some small way, it’s a bit like achieving immortality bit by bit. I feel that way because I still remember from whom I’ve received life altering information. Those things that I learned that changed my life forever. If we look back at our lives objectively, we can identify when we went north. We all had several other choices but one of those changes changed us and the outcome for out life, forever. Marrying my wife Margaret was one of those events for me. More than anyone else in my life, she believed in me and allowed me to become the man I am today. She allows and even encourages me press on in the face of adversity, she is my rock.

And so it is today that I’m committing to make some very deep changes in my life. We’ll start here on this blog. You’ll see the changes and I’m sure many people will want to comment, few will. I hope many do. If we can get a dialog going on this site, it would be a wonderful thing. Till then, I’m happy to have a place to just share my thoughts.

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Two weeks a couple of days ago I became a Grandfather for the 8th time. What a treat. Being a Grandfather is wonderful. For one thing, it reminds me of my own Grandfather. He was a great man. He was a man of few words but a great man none the less.

He was the kind of man you could go to for advice and what he would tell you would ring true with your heart. It was as though your very soul knew that he was right.

My Grandfather died in my arms at age 87. That is just 28 years older than I am now. In the next twenty-eight years I hope to accomplish many things. Of primary concern is to insure that the lives of our Grandchildren have the chance of being better than ours and our children. It is a new generation of Rawsons. There’s will be a very interesting world in which to live. We can only imagine what they will need to know in order to survive.

I am so grateful to a Grandfather. I can only hope that I will impact the lives of my Grandchildren as my own Grandfather (their Great-Great Grandfather did for me.