Time to change

Have you ever had a day when everything screams in your head? Today, was such a day. All of the ideas in my head were all screaming for attention. I had just finished reading FORTUNE magazine when what was screaming in my heard became crystal clear.

The clarity I achieved is this, what motivates me is helping us achieve a positive outcome in their lives. Mentally, I literally feed of the emotions of helping other change in ways that will affect the rest of their lives.

In some small way, it’s a bit like achieving immortality bit by bit. I feel that way because I still remember from whom I’ve received life altering information. Those things that I learned that changed my life forever. If we look back at our lives objectively, we can identify when we went north. We all had several other choices but one of those changes changed us and the outcome for out life, forever. Marrying my wife Margaret was one of those events for me. More than anyone else in my life, she believed in me and allowed me to become the man I am today. She allows and even encourages me press on in the face of adversity, she is my rock.

And so it is today that I’m committing to make some very deep changes in my life. We’ll start here on this blog. You’ll see the changes and I’m sure many people will want to comment, few will. I hope many do. If we can get a dialog going on this site, it would be a wonderful thing. Till then, I’m happy to have a place to just share my thoughts.

Until the next time,


Two weeks a couple of days ago I became a Grandfather for the 8th time. What a treat. Being a Grandfather is wonderful. For one thing, it reminds me of my own Grandfather. He was a great man. He was a man of few words but a great man none the less.

He was the kind of man you could go to for advice and what he would tell you would ring true with your heart. It was as though your very soul knew that he was right.

My Grandfather died in my arms at age 87. That is just 28 years older than I am now. In the next twenty-eight years I hope to accomplish many things. Of primary concern is to insure that the lives of our Grandchildren have the chance of being better than ours and our children. It is a new generation of Rawsons. There’s will be a very interesting world in which to live. We can only imagine what they will need to know in order to survive.

I am so grateful to a Grandfather. I can only hope that I will impact the lives of my Grandchildren as my own Grandfather (their Great-Great Grandfather did for me.

Old dog, new tricks

Well, here I am nearly 60 years old and I’m still learning new things. Actually, there’s an old saying, “When you’re through changing, your through.” I believe that is true.

Over the years I’ve watched people as they become more and more set in their ways and they become less and less willing to change. They no longer want to learn anything new or change their surroundings. The challenge and adventure that was once associated with life no longer engages them. They just want things as they are or were. NO Changes.

Pity. As we grow older, the wonder of change takes on even more of a significance. We look at change with an appreciative eye towards the past and one looking straight into the future. It’s now our time to have fun with change. After all who creates most of the change. Old guys! If you didn’t know it by now, you do now. “Old guys rule!” Often times as were rockin.

“How to Formulate Ideas that Differentiate You from Everyone Else.”

First, “Do you want your business to be different from everyone else?” Let’s say you have a print shop, a MLM business, an automotive repair facility or hair salon. Is it important to be different from your competitor?

Frankly, it may not be. It may be that you want people to think you’re the same as everyone else. The accepted notion is that people and businesses should be unique. Why? If you’re not unique, then how you could possibly answer the question, “Why should I buy from you?”

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My Daughter

Sometimes people do things for us and we just don’t appreciate how much they’ve sacrificed to “make it happen.” In this, my second blog, I want to pay tribute to my daughter Katy. She is our sixth and last child.

I remember being told that I was going to be a Father for the sixth time. I was shocked, frustrated, worried, humbled, excited and thankful. Not all at once. No, it was more like waves of emotion that swept over me each time the thought of being the Father of another child entered my thoughts.

When Katy entered our lives, my employer (my best friend at the time) had terminated my position with the company. Actually, it was his Father that fired me, but that’s another story.

This is about Katy. Every Father can relate to what I’m about to say. Katy and I were close until she was about 7 or 8 years old. Then, as if by magic, we weren’t close. Years past. Due to circumstances, I wasn’t in Katy’s life as much as I should have been. Time marched on.

The turning point and worse point for us was when my wife and I had given Katy a computer for Christmas. Seemingly harmless, it was well received. It came to be cursed by Mother who felt she was spending far too much time on AOL than she should. We, that is none of understood that this single act would have such a profound influence on one person.

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