Don’t you Dare . . .

The following is also an ad for the new Cadillac CT6.  It is one of the most engaging Cadillacs ever. But, it is the message that I want to share.  Don’t you dare.  Did you hear that as a child?  I did.  I dared.  One more thing, I am a Cadillac owner and a member of the National Cadillac & Lasalle Club and the Las Vegas Chapter.  Now . . .

It absolutely begs the question:  What do you dare to do?

Anything else?

A key question is revealed

The whole purpose of an engaging conversation is to communicate the intended message.  Would you agree? Have you ever finished “communicating” and wondered, what don’t I know or “what are the voids?”  Most of us that have been selling our whole life continually ask ourselves (usually after the fact) is there anything else that I could have said or done that would have had more impact or caused an even better decision (the purchase).

Recently, I was reading something that was asking the question, “What do you know?” That made me think about the sales process and what we know vs. what our prospect or client knows.  It’s always been my position that if you listen, your prospect or client will tell you what they want or need in order to buy.  The key is listening.  However, we are dealing with human beings and all of us have stress that many of us know nothing about.  Therefore, they could “forget” to tell you something.  Something that upon close examination could make all the difference.  How do you know? [Read more…]

How do you define success?

steeldollarsign.jpgWhen I first began my career, I pondered a question that has plagued men and women for years. It’s one of those questions where the only right answer is the one that applies to you. It must fit your needs. Here’s the answer that works for me. Here’s the answer that I apply everyday. It is, “Success is the progressive realization of predetermined worthwhile goals.”

Embodied in that description are several key ideas. For now, think about how a powerful statement like this can impact your life. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll break this down to learn how to make it as personal for you as it has been for me since 1972 when I first learned about this small and seemingly simple idea.

The most basic of all business questions . . . what is it?

Today I was examining a well known business model that has been very slow to catch on. As the individual and I were reviewing the model, it was decided to break it down into its most basic of components.

As far as anyone could see, all the good stuff was there. The presentation was flawless. The graphics that explained the model were top drawer. The profit to be made by the people selling the model was obvious to everyone. Nothing even had to be said about that. Still, the every time it was presented to another business owner, they would put the salesperson off. Usually the response would be something like, “well, we’ll see. Why don’t you check back with me?” Is that a path any us want to go down?

So, why wasn’t the buyer buying? [Read more…]