Change – Will it work for you?

When should you make a change?  Should it be at age 30, 40, 50 or late in your 60s perhaps even older?

There are so many people that need to make a change in their life.  Are you one of them?  Today, I’m featuring the well known author and speaker, Robert Kyosaki.

Years ago I taught marketing at the college level.  I was also fortunate enough to speak to students in high schools, colleges and universities on that very subject.  Why marketing?  If you’re going to work for someone else, then sales and marketing (in many cases) will give you a salary and commission.  This is an opportunity to tie your financial position directly to your efforts.  However, you’re still working for others.  If you’re an independent salesperson representing a company in the marketplace, then your commission only income is tied to your personal efforts.

Back then (when I was teaching in college), sales was a given.  Everyone understood, no sales, no income.  Marketing was new (I know, I just dated myself) and people were wondering what’s the difference.  Sales is where the rubber meets the road.  The salesperson speaks directly with the decision maker.   Marketing has more to do with the analytics of the marketplace so that the salespeople that work for them can more easily identify and target their prospects.

At that time, I taught that Network  (a.k.a Multi-level or MLN) Marketing was the best way to go.  Back then, the biggest and most well known company was Amway.  Today, people that built their Amway business many years ago are still receiving the benefits.  While their efforts have long since diminished, the income has steadily increased because of the people they brought into their business.

Everyone talks about the money that artists like Garth Brooks, Maroon 5 or even Michael Jackson make.  They create and sing one song and it generates income every time someone buys it.  Actors and actresses make money every time their image or voice is seen or heard. There are other examples of a recurring revenue (a.k.a. residual) stream.   What’s so special about those people vs. you?  You may not sing, but you know people.  You may not act but you know people.  You may not write but you know people.  People just like you.

Network Marketing is built on two very solid principles.   [Read more…]

Earn Extra Income


Most of us are getting one email after another that offers us a part-time income by selling this or that.  EVERY household needs more money.  It doesn’t matter what your economic circumstance, EVERYONE needs more money.

Well, we could get a part-time or new full time job.


We could save money on what we’re already doing.  Many of us are with store coupons, sales, discounts etc.  Generally, these are all products or services you don’t presently need but if you decide to, they’ll sell them to you at a discounted rate.

What about the things you unconsciously purchase every month:  Electricity and Gas

Of course you also buy other things unconsciously like water but typically Electricity, Gas and Water don’t sell for less, they typically sell for more.  So, is there a solution? [Read more…]

The Big Three Bailout – Another Point of View

The Big Three requesting a bailout has been on the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. As a disclaimer, my wife is the Controller for Coast Cadillac in Long Beach, CA and I spoke to all GM dealers in 2005.

However, there has to be a firm voice of reason. There has to be a balanced message and most of the articles I’ve seen get it wrong. It’s as though most journalists are delighted that there is so much to write about. And it’s negative. How great for them, how bad for you and me.

Mr. Jackson’s’ are the best comments I’ve seen because it does a good job of focusing on what the Big Three have done right in the past few years.

Dear Editor (all of you):

“As I watch the coverage of the fate of the U.S. auto industry, one alarming and frustrating fact hits me right between the eyes. The fate of our nation’s economic survival is in the hands of some congressmen who are completely out of touch and act without knowledge of an industry that affects almost every person in our nation. The same lack of knowledge is shared with many journalists whom are irresponsible when influencing the opinion of millions of viewers.

Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama has doomed the industry, calling it a dinosaur. No Mr. Shelby, you are the dinosaur, with ideas stuck in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. You and the uninformed journalist and senators that hold onto myths that are not relevant in today’s world.

When you say that the Big Three build vehicles nobody wants to buy, you must have overlooked that GM outsold Toyota by about 1.2 million vehicles in the U.S. and Ford outsold Honda by 850,000 and Nissan by 1.2 million in the U.S. GM was the world’s No. 1 automaker beating Toyota by 3,000 units.
[Read more…]

Let’s start to break the idea down, shall we?


What is the key? Worthwhile goals! Let’s start there. Did you know that only 3% of the population ever set goals? By the way, a goal is not one that starts, “Someday I’m going to . . . ” No a goal must be realistic and measurable.

So, you’re a high school graduate and you set a goal that in 5 years you’re going to be a NASA certified astronaut. Is that realistic. Is it doable? Is it something where you can measure your progress? The answer may well be Yes, except that it doesn’t reflect reality at all. It would take 8 or more years from that point in your life. But, with a little modification, it could work.

Let’s talk about how the law of attraction comes into play.

Let’s assume your goal is, “I want to raise my income by 25% over the next two years. I’m committed to doing whatever that takes to accomplish the objective.” Alright, even if you work for an hourly wage, this may be doable for you. Here’s how? Consider your circumstance and begin saying to your supervisor and others, I’m looking for a way to increase my income by 25% or more over the next two years. What are your thoughts?

By doing this you will have made your statement to the world, the universe, you God, your significant other and/or your family that this is what you want to do. You will attract those that can and will want to help you. Why? No one’s absolutely certain but suppose I come to you with something I want to do. Are you going to just listen or will you try to think (even if it’s only for a few minutes) of someway you might be able to help? You’ll spend a few minutes thinking about it because that’s what we do. We try! If you can’t immediately think of something, you’ll say so. Otherwise, you might say something like let me think about that. You might even ask others on my behalf. Before long a few people, a lot of people, hundreds of people and then even thousands of people you don’t even know are looking for a solution for you.

Some of the ideas like robbing a bank, holding up a convenience store or taking more money from a loan you’ll reject immediately. Opps, wait a minute, maybe you don’t rob a convenience store, you go to work in a part time capacity to increase you pay. Well, that may be one solution. It may not be your solution. And so it goes.

Goal first, progressive realization next. Go for it. Give it a try. What have you got to lose?

Tell me how it works for you.

How do you define success?

steeldollarsign.jpgWhen I first began my career, I pondered a question that has plagued men and women for years. It’s one of those questions where the only right answer is the one that applies to you. It must fit your needs. Here’s the answer that works for me. Here’s the answer that I apply everyday. It is, “Success is the progressive realization of predetermined worthwhile goals.”

Embodied in that description are several key ideas. For now, think about how a powerful statement like this can impact your life. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll break this down to learn how to make it as personal for you as it has been for me since 1972 when I first learned about this small and seemingly simple idea.