Old dog, new tricks

Well, here I am nearly 60 years old and I’m still learning new things. Actually, there’s an old saying, “When you’re through changing, your through.” I believe that is true.

Over the years I’ve watched people as they become more and more set in their ways and they become less and less willing to change. They no longer want to learn anything new or change their surroundings. The challenge and adventure that was once associated with life no longer engages them. They just want things as they are or were. NO Changes.

Pity. As we grow older, the wonder of change takes on even more of a significance. We look at change with an appreciative eye towards the past and one looking straight into the future. It’s now our time to have fun with change. After all who creates most of the change. Old guys! If you didn’t know it by now, you do now. “Old guys rule!” Often times as were rockin.