How can I be helpful?

Like a business or brand I’ve developed this personal tagline for myself. Frankly, I didn’t wake up to the opportunities that personal branding represented until a friend, Greg Trinidad from Northstar came up with a brilliant idea. He designed a website that identified me as an American with leadership and service. He put a design with my persona.

The tagline has been added to my personal email. I added it about 3 years ago. It’s something I’ve said for years and then one day I realized, it had become my personal tagline. It is something that others identify with me.

When you [Read more…]


The first rule of sales is to listen. Actually, the first rule of any relationship should be your willingness to listen. Listen carefully.

A friend of ours whose name is “Don” has a talent for listening. It is perhaps his most endearing quality. Don’t get me wrong. He’s a very good man. It’s just that his talent for listening rises above all else. When he meets you for the first time or the twenty-forth time, he always [Read more…]