My Hero

What is a hero to you? What are their qualities and why does that mean something to you?

Here’s the face of my hero! She is my beautiful wife of 20 years, Margaret Rawson.

 My Hero 

 My Hero . . . Margaret Rawson

On the 8th of October she will have been on the same job as a Controller for a Cadillac Dealership that is now three dealerships with GMC and Buick. Her work is demanding and exacting. In General Motors tests for her position, she consistently ranks in the top 10 in the nation of all Controllers working for a GM dealership!

 When we met 20+ years ago I told her that I had consulting clients that I hadn’t work for; for 15 minutes let alone 15 years. Wow. She is so impressive.

In addition GM will confirm that she’s mastered many of the other disciplines and skills of operating an automobile dealership. She understands how a dealership can be run and should be run to achieve the highest score for customer satisfaction and just as importantly, retain good people to work with customers. She understands exactly what drives the dealership’s bottom line and how to get there.

As a boy, I saw Margaret in my dreams (it’s another story in this blog) and when we finally met twenty years ago, I knew her in an instant. Bonus, she’s prettier and much smarter than I could have ever hoped for. She’s the package.

People love Margaret. She has a way of dealing with people that they enjoy.

If you ever get the chance to meet, work with her or enjoy a meal with us, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

She is . . . my HERO!

Rules that work . . . for life!

Rules that work


Life is full of rules.  They don’t all work for each of us but many of them work for all of us.  I recently came across this hanging on the wall of The Ability Center near my home.  It struck the cord of familiarity that resonated with me.  Perhaps it will with you.  Ask yourself this one question:  “If we all lived like this, would it be a better world?”

You’ll have to answer that question on your own but I think we all know the answer.

Earlier last week, Carol Jones Lev Friedman  gave me a gratitude challenge.  I want to thank her [again] for making me think so deeply about my life and those I love and care about. Tomorrow is my birthday and that has me thinking about what I’ve done with the past 68 years (both good and bad) of my life.  I can only hope that I’ve done more good for humanity and the people I love than bad.

As a Mason, I’d like to think that principles and values govern my life.  What’s written above are values that (in my view) we should all live by.

Perhaps this graphic will be of benefit to you.

Here’s a shout out to my wife, family, friends, business associates and the many people over the years that I’ve had the good fortune to meet.  Each and everyone of you have impacted my life in a very positive way.  I’m confident that I’m a better person today because of each of you.


Our special day is today.


Margaret and DR 7-17-14 - 750 wide

What do the Lion King, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction and Speed all have in common with Margaret Rawson?

I saw each of these films and Margaret for the first time 20 years ago.

Question: Which of these is the most important and memorable? If you guessed Margaret, now Mrs. Margaret Rawson, you’d be right. Wait, you didn’t . . . you couldn’t have possibly thought that a film was more important than Margaret, right?

At 7:30pm on the 28th of August 1994 I met the woman I had dreamed of at age five. Yes, that’s right. I remember my dream to this day. I’ll always remember the night we met for the first time. It took my breath away to think that I was going to actually meet this beautiful redheaded woman that was standing oh so close to me. Wow, I had to be the luckiest man alive. No one gets this lucky in life (I thought and have since confirmed).

Frankly, when our blind date ended at 2:30am the next morning while still in the parking lot of the restaurant where we met, I knew that she was the one. She’s the woman I was meant to spend the rest of my life with, beginning right then and there.

Over the next two weeks we asked literally hundreds of questions of each other. Both of us had been married before and neither of us was looking to repeat the mistakes of the past. However, if the answers to either of our questions were not what we were looking for, we were each prepared to move on.

We knew we wanted to get married by the middle of September. By the time my birthday rolled around on the 23rd of September we had hatched a plan to run off to Las Vegas and get married. The friend that introduced us talked us out of it but we knew we were ready.

Margaret’s parents had never seen her get married. We decided to get married in their home on the 25th of October, 1994. Not many people attended. Some of my children and her parents were there. The minister was someone that Margaret had worked with at that time. He’s since passed on but will always be remembered by us.

That’s why 20 years ago was so incredibly memorable for me. Happy Anniversary Margaret! This date means as much or more to me than sealing the deal and getting married. It was the date that I knew that dreams really do come true.

I love you Toots!

What is our Patriotic duty?

My Country's Keeper


People talk about our Patriotic duty but few put a definition with it.  After reading an article this morning and having a discussion with a friend, it occurred to me that I would like to at least try to define it.  Recognize that it is MY definition and you may not agree.  That’s O.K., America was founded on the principle of free speech and the freedom associated with it. So, here goes:

Patriotic DutyTo support the United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights. To vote for the candidate of my choice in any election, public or privately held (any time we participate in the voting process that is not for a public position). To support the rights of others as long as those rights don’t infringe on the rights of others.  To believe in and support majority rule.  To speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, be they in firmed or simply under the age of 18.  To fight (if necessary) for these rights against any enemy that would seek to restrict our right to exist as we have agreed upon as a nation.

I understand that some (in fact many) will take issue with what I’ve said, again, that’s O.K.  If you have a point of view why not add your voice to my own and comment below.

God Bless US all and God Bless America

What are the benefits of walking?



I remember that my Grandfather walked for 10 minutes after every meal.  Not only was he very principled, he was very consistent in the way in which he lived his life.  Walking is just one such example but it does illustrate a few points worth mentioning.

Now that I’m getting older, my health is even more important to me (it should have been all along my life’s journey).  A couple of years ago I began walking at a consistent pace and taking our dog for companionship and exercise (nobody likes a lazy dog . . .wait, that’s not true).  Each year I started and stopped based on lots of different mental excuses.  I learned a long time ago that when you’re looking for an excuse, anyone will do (weather being a possible exception to the excuse rule).  So, I walk everyday, Monday through Friday and give myself the weekends off.

On the weekends I’m usually working alongside my wife around our home.  For me, that ensures that I’m exercising albeit in a different way.

The benefits of walking are amazing.  Prior to walking, my hip bothered me all the time.  I’ve lost weight and viola, my hip no longer hurts.  It also gives my mind a rest while I appreciate nature and the beauty around me.  The best benefit is that I’ve lost 32 pounds from my original weight before I started walking.

As part of my weight loss regimen I joined to track what I eat (accountability) and what I do (excercise).  I also purchased a Fitbit ( Zip that tracks my steps, distance and the calories I’ve burned as a result.  It resets itself at Midnight each day.

Cursor_and_Lose_It__-_Community_ProfileNow, LoseIt has awarded me this badge for achieving my goal weight.  I’m proud of this because of the effort it represents and changes associated with that effort.  I highly recommend using LoseIt if you want to take control (personal accountability) of what you’re eating and what you’re doing to improve your health.

The benefit to me has been enormous.  The benefits to walking may be even better for you.

What are your thoughts?