One of our newest citizens – Matthew Shiel

US - American Flag with Matt


Matthew Shiel

American Citizen on 2-12-16

It’s my pleasure and my honor to introduce Matthew Shiel, who’s just received his citizenship today!  On behalf of all my family and friends, WELCOME!

I’ve only recently come to know him.  Frankly, I wish we could get more new citizens like Matt.

Let me tell you what I know so far:

Matt was born in England where he went to private school.  His Father is ex-military.  He came to America via Canada where he stopped to get his college education.  He then came to America seeking the “American dream”.

It’s always been fascinating to me that when people come to America, they see opportunity everywhere.  Matt is not an exception.  He arrived with very little.  He’s since owned or partnered in a few successful businesses and employed lots of people.  He is by definition, an entrepreneurs, ENTREPRENEUR.

He’s married to his wife Carla and has had three children. Today, they have two handsome boys. Here’s the story about how they lost their precious daughter, Zora. Life helps to define who we are and allows us to develop our character.  How do parents ever come back from the loss of a child.  We all lose our parents at some point in our life.  We lose friends and even distant relatives.  But children . . . [Read more…]

Change – Will it work for you?

When should you make a change?  Should it be at age 30, 40, 50 or late in your 60s perhaps even older?

There are so many people that need to make a change in their life.  Are you one of them?  Today, I’m featuring the well known author and speaker, Robert Kyosaki.

Years ago I taught marketing at the college level.  I was also fortunate enough to speak to students in high schools, colleges and universities on that very subject.  Why marketing?  If you’re going to work for someone else, then sales and marketing (in many cases) will give you a salary and commission.  This is an opportunity to tie your financial position directly to your efforts.  However, you’re still working for others.  If you’re an independent salesperson representing a company in the marketplace, then your commission only income is tied to your personal efforts.

Back then (when I was teaching in college), sales was a given.  Everyone understood, no sales, no income.  Marketing was new (I know, I just dated myself) and people were wondering what’s the difference.  Sales is where the rubber meets the road.  The salesperson speaks directly with the decision maker.   Marketing has more to do with the analytics of the marketplace so that the salespeople that work for them can more easily identify and target their prospects.

At that time, I taught that Network  (a.k.a Multi-level or MLN) Marketing was the best way to go.  Back then, the biggest and most well known company was Amway.  Today, people that built their Amway business many years ago are still receiving the benefits.  While their efforts have long since diminished, the income has steadily increased because of the people they brought into their business.

Everyone talks about the money that artists like Garth Brooks, Maroon 5 or even Michael Jackson make.  They create and sing one song and it generates income every time someone buys it.  Actors and actresses make money every time their image or voice is seen or heard. There are other examples of a recurring revenue (a.k.a. residual) stream.   What’s so special about those people vs. you?  You may not sing, but you know people.  You may not act but you know people.  You may not write but you know people.  People just like you.

Network Marketing is built on two very solid principles.   [Read more…]

Earn Extra Income


Most of us are getting one email after another that offers us a part-time income by selling this or that.  EVERY household needs more money.  It doesn’t matter what your economic circumstance, EVERYONE needs more money.

Well, we could get a part-time or new full time job.


We could save money on what we’re already doing.  Many of us are with store coupons, sales, discounts etc.  Generally, these are all products or services you don’t presently need but if you decide to, they’ll sell them to you at a discounted rate.

What about the things you unconsciously purchase every month:  Electricity and Gas

Of course you also buy other things unconsciously like water but typically Electricity, Gas and Water don’t sell for less, they typically sell for more.  So, is there a solution? [Read more…]

Social Networking


Networking is as much as skill as it is anything else.  Some people do it naturally, some try hard not to do it.

We may not like it but we are social.  Many of us have actually found out that we can do more by working with others than we can on our own.  We call this, TEAM Dynamics.  Sometimes, playing and working as a Team works, sometimes it doesn’t.  It takes much more than just saying you’re a Team and then moving forward.  Everyone has to be committed at very close to the same level of commitment.

Perfect Networker, LinkedIn, Xing, ecademy, Ryze and Leads and Bids are but six examples appearing all over the net.  Personally, I’ve placed my profile with more than thirty (30) different social networking sites including my own, The Seal of Liberty Society.

Here’s a thought, before you put your profile on any network ask yourself two questions:  The first is, “What am I prepared to give [to the organization]?”  Time, money, articles, blogs, critique, advice, help, preview, review or what?  What are you prepared to give?

The second is, “What is it that you want [from the organization]?” More exposure, a specific number of inquiries, friends, dates, business, information, education or can you even define it?  Do you know what you want?

One thing is absolute; you’ll only get out of something equal to the portion that you put into it.  Don’t expect something for nothing; it doesn’t exist in cyberspace either.  But then, What do you think?