Family Crest – Explained [again]


Some time ago I posted the original design.  It was similar.  However, it didn’t reflect our grandchildren.  They are represented by the row of stars.  We now have 13 grandchildren.  We added Reed, Oliver and Henry last year.

A family crest (or Coat of Arms) should reflect the family and its value system.  

The most prominent feature of our crest is its shield.  The castle design is from the Rawson Family Coat of Arms that was given to the family in the 12th century by the King of England for saving his life.  The castle represents safety.

The next design element is the two-piece laurel wreath.  One side represents the mother and the other half, the father and the branching of our mutual desire to provide positive leadership for the purpose of overcoming adversity.

The six stars at the top are for his six children (Steven, McKay, Taylor, Morgan, Cameron and Katy).  The Masonic Logo represents my personal commitment to the principles and values originally taught to me by my grandfather (HH Rawson, 320) and then his father-in-Law (Illustrious Preston M. Jones, 330, Past Potentate) and that I am a 320 Knight Commander Court of Honor (K.C.C.H.) Mason. [Read more…]

It’s what?

Wait, you mean to say that 2008 is in just one week? Yep, here it is, 2008 another new year is upon us.

Every year I like to spend the last week of the year to think about what this change will mean to me personally. First, I review the past year. Personal success, failure, health, relationships, business, friendships, quality of life and especially what I wanted to do and/or accomplish vs. what I’ve actually accomplished. It’s pretty interesting when you stop and take the time to examine everything in the cold hard light of day.

I’ve always heard that the study that was done at Harvard or Yale more than 50 years ago is still true today. That is, fewer than 5% of us will actually set goals for ourselves, fewer than 5% will ever even pursue a goal. Someone once told me (and I still believe this) that if you fail to plan then you’ve planned to fail! Ouch!
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Salary vs. Commission

Selling demands a close.

One of the biggest challenges for anyone selling something is how their compensated.

A salary is nice because your spouse and/or you will always know exactly how much you have coming in every month. This is great if having your life planned without risk is important to you.

Being on commission is like having your own business. It’s often been referred to this old expression, [Read more…]