BridgeMr. Rawson has held senior leadership positions in the computer, health care, insurance, Internet, manufacturing and oil sectors of our economy. He is credited with many new business ventures and has traveled the world in pursuit of business and opportunity. As a leader and builder, Mr. Rawson aggressively pursues the challenges associated with startups and/or those companies that want to quickly move to the next level of growth and increase their profits. He has gained an International reputation as a leader and market visionary.

LunaroverHis accomplishments and firsts include marketing the very first automobile anti-theft device in America. In addition, he co-developed the steering mechanism for the Lunar- Rover used in the Apollo mission to the Moon. DR developed the helical screw downhole oil pump for shallow oil wells and while President of an international oil company he negotiated the oil rights for a country in Africa. Additional highlights of his career can be found by visiting the highlights page.

Nurse & ChildMr. Rawson started a medical PPO that was sold 120 days after launch to a nation-wide health care organization. He has provided business and process consulting to health care insurance companies, hospitals, large clinics and practices, individual physicians and attorneys. He has also bought and sold medical practices.

His formal education came after the military and while working full time as a National Sales Manager. In law school, he owned and operated a marketing consulting business that covered the five western states.

As a speaker he has addressed subjects ranging from the practical application of sales knowledge, the Internet, selling automobiles via the Internet, a National database for medical records, Insurance and Workers’ Compensation issues for businesses, general business, leadership skills and personal development topics. He is also a published author.

Mr. Rawson and his wife are intimately involved with charities for children. He and is wife Margaret have six children and thirteen grandchildren.