IdeaThey say that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Through the years Mr. Rawson has applied knowledge from various industries to create new uses for old technology. He has also applied new technology to old problems. He’s created new business models and developed markets where no business previously existed.

The end result of this innovation is listed here in random order:

  • The first to use the term “E2B” to describe digital publications sold at brick and mortar retail stores.
  • The first automobile Anti-theft device marketed to automobile dealers.
  • A helical screw pump designed to pump crude oil to the surface in shallow wells.
  • The use of PVC pipe for in ground and in wall use in the State of Florida.
  • The first use of technology to send data point to point bouncing the signal off of comet tails.
  • Plastic chain for crowd control at amusement parks.
  • Anodized aluminum chain for crowd control at amusement parks.
  • The Lunar Rover steering mechanism.
  • A swedge machine for push pull devices.
  • The first Healthcare PPO in Central California.
  • The first Chiropractic HMO in the United States (with three other men).
  • The first use of paper for reports that were blank except for the logo.
  • The first use of chemicals to dry out settling sumps.
  • The first successful use of nylon slings to move a cargo plane back onto the runway.
  • The first computerized collection process for applicant claims and defense in California.
  • The first value add marketing model applied to the consumer sale of custom made wrought iron products.
  • Sold all the original underground plumbing for Walt Disney World.
  • The youngest man to enter the ranks of Sales and Marketing Executives in 1971.
  • Developed and tested the first system used to monitor the flow of the Nile river.
  • Demonstrated the first use of computers in the oil industry in the Middle East.
  • Participated in the first computerized template of an oil lease.
  • Deployed the first “just in time” distribution center in central California.
  • Co-developed the split dollar concept for the purchase of physician practices.
  • Wrote the first book on the integration of the Internet into the Automobile Dealership.
  • Headed the company that developed the first algorithm to time divide accounts across Internet digital gateways.
  • Led the company that developed the first touch screen laptop (Best of Comdex 1999).
  • Sold $250 M of processed premium in a single sales call.
  • Developed the first symposium for the use of insurance to reduce the bottom line to 500 Ca. manufacturers.
  • Signed the first Contract to route VoIP traffic over the Quest Network.
  • Conducted the first and second comparative diagnosis demonstration between Orthopedists and Chiropractors in a hospital setting.
  • Negotiated the oil rights for a country in Africa.
  • Implemented the first system to purchase commercial insurance the was independent of the actual insurer
  • Created the idea of selling data sold electronically (as a downloaded .pdf (book)) to big box retailers and independent books stores – e2b – electronic to business

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