Satelite Communications

Satelite CommunicationsSituation: A small satellite telecommunications company wanted to increase revenues but was unable acquire new business and/or secure expansion capital to expand its facilities.

Plan of Action: Evaluate the company’s potential for competing in the international satellite communications business. Identify niche markets and methods of delivery that would produce lower costs of transmission and termination in the domestic and international markets. In addition, identify and secure business that would expand the company increasing revenue and profits.

Results: Over the next nine months the company’s infrastructure, capacity and methods of securing contracts were evaluated and additional business was secured resulting in:

  • A rate reduction in call termination costs averaging 20% less than previously negotiated.
  • Signed the first VOIP contract in America with Qwest Communications
  • Increased the network utilization by 150%
  • Increased revenues by more than 75%
  • Increased the company’s valuation from $2,000,000 to $63,000,000

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