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I am a Mason

Over the years I’ve discussed Masonry with acquaintances, friends and family.  To date, my Father-in-law, Preston Jones and I are the only Maso

ns in the family.  Going back, my Grandfather HH Rawson was a 32 degree Mason.

I’ve been asked, “Why did you become a Mason?”  I really didn’t understand that my Grandfather was a Mason until the day before he died in my arms.  His very last request of me was that I become a Mason.  I promised that I would.  This doesn’t answer the question posed but it does build the foundation.

My Grandfather was someone that was well respected as a Husband, Father, Brother, Friend, Mason, a trusted confident, a leader and a tool and die maker.  He was imposing but was humble and well like by even the newest of acquaintances.  Over the years, I had brought my life’s problems to him for advice and counsel.  He would never give it.  He felt that if I understood the principle associated with the issue, I could use the wisdom of that to make my own decisions.

That’s how I learned some of the many principles and values that I hold dear.  Some of these are demonstrated in my unfinished book, “Life Lessons.”  Since my youth, I’ve learned principles in so many places.  Here are just a few:  the Bible, other religious books from many faiths, people that I admire, organizations I belong to, books I’ve read and even little children.

If you would like to learn more about Masonry, please go to the Contact page and send me a note.  It’s a decision that you’ll never regret.

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