As a business entity, one can no longer travel the road of forgetfulness when it comes to social responsibility. Every business must identify with the needs of society. Why? Simply stated, “When a business unit exploits society for profit, it must give back a portion to the community or society from whence it received those same profits.”

We have seen a popular position build towards a wave of support for charities and community causes in the last few years. My view is that this support from corporate America will continue to build but if this wave is to be useful, the men and women leading today’s not-for-profit organizations must have the right surf board (message for their constituents).

Planned giving by individuals and corporations will continue to provide an excellent vehicle for contributions. This is especially true as long as the interest rate is down and the market remains so volatile.

America is facing some of its greatest challenges with so many people in need. Globally it’s no different. One thing we know for certain is that many hands make for lighter work.

My wife and I personally favor the following causes:

  • Battered Women
  • Children
  • Homeless
  • Masonic Charities
  • Single Mothers
  • Teach as opposed to Feed (whenever possible)
  • Veterans

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