ToolsPosition: Everyone Sells. Perhaps my best skill is Sales.

The sales profession has been around since the beginning of time. Others might argue that another profession is even older. My position allows me to recognize that every time someone wants someone else to think differently, approve of something or change direction, the salesman or woman pulls out the appropriate tool and the process is in play.

It wasn’t until the late 1600’s, early 1700’s that the world began to define the sales process. Barrister’s at court were an early model for salesmen (only in those days) because they had to know how to convince a jury or Judge of their position. The point is made because decisions were made based on the basics.

Let’s examine that for just a moment.

The New World
When Columbus petitioned Queen Isabella to fund his trip he was smart enough to know that unless the trip was in her best interests or the interests of Spain, it would not get the funding needed.

  The promise of spices and gold was enough to persuade the Queen.

Curiously, gold is still one of the main reasons for doing something today. We just use the term “money.”

As a young man I played football in school and later as a semi-professional player.  Every time we made a mistake, our coach would always take us back to the basics first. “You must know the basics. You must be first able to execute on the basics.”

What are the basics of sales?

  1. Listen – First seek to understand. Within the explanation is always the key to the sale.  Be an active and engaged listener.
  2. Solve their problem – Not your own
  3. Confirm the solution – Don’t assume
  4. Follow up – Get the referral
  5. etc.